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What if there was a system that could seamlessly integrate your email communications into an information management system with no requirement for time consuming filing of emails which relate to discussion flow and documents?

PROSOLVE are excited about the upcoming release of the Email and Communications Module (ECM) to provide the following added functionality to the flagship PEDMS product:

  • Maintenance of the files vs folders approach, including email correspondence into the system with minimum user input

  • Integration of machine learning to automatically link conversation topics together

  • Automatic linkage of conversation topics to documents and maintenance of strict security and access controls for associated emails and communications (only personnel who were senders or recipients of email communications can view associated correspondence, and document audit trail displays personnel privy to email communication containing each document as an attachment to facilitate rapid understanding of information flow and document distribution)

  • Integration into your email system, with ECM working in the background to match attachments to files already present in PEDMS and linkages automatically provided

  • Email and communications stored in a custom secure database integrated with existing PEDMS documents to provide full search capability and integration into document audit trail to indicate when documents have been emailed and secure access in the same environment to emails.

Utilising ECM, your efficiency is significantly improved and key communication and dialogue is added as background to individual (or groups of documents) in a full auditable and traceable environment. ECM now adds significant functionality to PEDMS to remain a single point of reference for documents and associated communications, dialogue and discussions including background for decisions in a central, searchable repository.

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