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Molecules Security


Now more than ever businesses are needing to respond rapidly to the ever present challenges presented regarding data integrity and security. Cyber threats and security remain one of the highest corporate risks for most company boards, with a need to ensure the safety of critical corporate information and documentation.

These risks were recently heightened with the wave of ransomware attacks as a result of the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack which infected in excess of 230,000 Windows based computers.

The proliferation of cloud based information storage systems often moves the risk profile from within corporate and business systems to third parties to provide protection, and the growing use of systems primarily designed for ease of information sharing only increases the corporate and business risk profile.

PEDMS provides a broad security approach which encompasses all documents and information with security extending seamlessly from the cloud to the endpoint device, significantly reducing the attack surface. For typical usage, the entire attack surface is less than 3 documents in total, on a device.

Recovery from a ransomware attack is as simple as 1,2, 3:

1. Your IT department re-image or replace the compromised device.

2. You use a clean device (either temporary, or permanent) to log back in via a web browser, run the local client application (typically 2 minutes to download and run), and continue working.

3. In the unlikely event that you find a document which was mangled by ransomware, you simply replace with the previous version in the document history - just a few clicks to recover.

Contact us to discuss deployment of this system into your business.

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